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JavaScript objects and classes

In this post we look at javascript object and classes.

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JavaScript functions

In this post we look at the basics of JavaScript functions.

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JavaScript arrays

In this post we look at the basics of JavaScript arrays.

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Web development
About me

My name is Charlie Jackson, and I currently work as a technical SEO in a small digital marketing agency. Through working in SEO I discovered Python, and all the beautiful applications that it could be used for; in the world of SEO we are often crawling websites, scraping data, text mining and much more, which Python is fantastic for. I am only fairly new to programming, and there are a number of topics I am hoping to blog about including:

  • Data science; with python, SQL and possibly R
  • Machine learning with python
  • Natural language processing
  • SEO
  • Web development

As noted, I am not a developer(if you haven't guest by my website) or data scientist although I am eager to learn as much as possible, and apply to my background in SEO. I am largely writing this blog for myself to document my studies (and use as a code base), although it it happens to help somebody else that would be great.

Feel free to drop me a line: charlieojackson at gmail dot com.